The Best Place to Buy Beads for Perfect Jewelry Designs

As a great choice to add beauty, beaded jewelry becomes increasing popular nowadays. People prefer to jewelry pieces made of beads rather than other materials. Beads can do well with all kinds of fashion accessories, no wonder that they are widely used in jewelry designs.

Well, when it comes to the making of beaded jewelry, it is important to purchase beads. For jewelry designers and makers, they all dreamed to get good quality beads with less spending. In this case, more and more people turn to online beads stores. Compared with local craft stores, online beads stores sell good quality beads at lower prices. Continue reading

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Online Wholesale Beads Stores Offer You A Lot of Choice

Not only can the dress show your status, but the jewelry you wear also can express your personality. Everyone wants to find stylish jewelry to match their clothes, and even transfer their feelings. However, it would be difficult to buy a satisfying jewelry in the local shops. You will always find some aspects unsatisfied, either the size or the color. It seems that you can never find a piece of jewelry which can fully meet your requirement. Then, how about to make jewelry by yourself?

Today, it is very common and popular to make your own jewelry. The most prominent advantage is that you can choose your favorite style, color, shape, size and any other aspects at will. Continue reading

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Evil Eye Beads & Jewelry

Evil eye beads are created to appear like eyes to mirror back the damaging looks of those people who want to bring bad luck to you.  They tend to be worn as a stylish accessory and also a best of luck charm.

evil eye beads Evil eye beads could be utilized to make many different evil eye jewelry pieces, such as pendants, necklaces, bracelets, rings, etc. Besides, evil eye beads are often used to create beaded adornment for Turkish offices, home, cars, and so on. Continue reading

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Healing Power of Magnetic Beads

In modern society, computers are widely used in our daily life. With the high development of technique, many works can be done through computers. At present, it is very common for people to complete their work with computers. Many businesses are carried through them. When we visit some companies, we will view that all staffs are working on the computers. Continue reading

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What kind of Gemstone Beads Jewelry you could wear in autumn?

Gemstone beads can be found in a variety of types, colors, sizes, and shapes. Gem stones could be used to create necklaces, bangles, bracelets, rings, earrings, brooches, and even hair jewelry. Beaded jewelry is one of the commonest styles of gemstone jewelry.

gemstone beads necklaceNow, you might like to select some special kinds of gemstone beads jewelry which you could put on in fall. Then, colorful Jasper gemstone beads will probably be a great choice. The multi-colored beads will certainly match the passionate feeling in autumn. Continue reading

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Letter European Charm Beads -Help to Express Feelings in the Heart

A European bead of this style will always go along with letters. Most people would like to use the letter European beads to spell out the initialism of their name which can make the jewelry significant and personal. Sometimes, some people may be telling you a story through letters on the beads.
a-z dangle european bead charms

letter big hole bead For those people who are bashful to express themselves, it is very helpful to express the feelings in their heart through the letter beads, especially when they are shy to say “love” to their beloved persons. Continue reading

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Attractive agate gemstone beads

Agate gemstone involves: red agate, black agate, blue agate Indian agate, Moss Agate, crazy lace agate, etc. Agate beads appears in several various colors which range from apparent to black. Agate beads have been the favorite material of many jewelry makers.

Blue agate European bead

Red Veins  oval Agate beadBlack Dargon Veins Round AgateBlue Stripe Agate beadIt’s believed that agate gemstone beads carry a mysterious power which can release frustration and stress. However, nowadays, many people wear agate jewelry not only for its special strength but also for its natural beauty. Most agate wearers like to wear the gorgeous agate jewelry to enhance their attractiveness. Continue reading

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Charming turquoise beads necklace

turquoise necklaceturquoise beads necklaceturquoise bead necklaceturquoise pendant necklace

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Shell beads –Perfect material for handmade jewelry

beach shellTraditionally, shells were worn to keep away from bad luck. With the development of society, shells have been commonly used by jewelry makers.

shell pendant necklaceShell beads involves an array of shapes and colors, such as square, rectangle, triangle, round, donut, heart, rice,  blue, white, yellow, red, pink, green, etc. It is very effortless to buy all kinds of shell beads from craft or jewelry stores at cheap price, what’s more, you even don’t have to pay for them; it is possible to pick up the shell beads on the beach. Continue reading

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Hot sale -Colorful Polymer Clay European Beads

Polymer clay is a new and popular material to DIY specific jewelry. Normally, it has no clay minerals, instead, it is mainly made up of PVC plastic, and it’s named as “clay” because of its adhesiveness and texture. The colors of polymer clay are no limit, if you can’t find the color you like, you can mix up the colors to create the particular color you love.Polymer Clay charm beads
Polymer Clay European Beads If you want to make your own unique jewelry items, polymer clay would be your good choice. It is really hot to create earrings, bracelets and necklaces with polymer clay European Pandora beads. Continue reading

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