Tips to Take Care of Your Pandora Jewelry

Pandora beads are appreciated by more and more people for their unique and fashionable style. Today, you can select and combine jewelry according to your favorite color, shape, and style. Pandora is one kind of beads that can be used to make fashion jewelry, including necklaces, pendants, earrings, brooches, bracelets, etc. You can wear gorgeous Pandora necklaces or bracelets for the available of thousands of charm beads, which will help to express individuality and catch others’ insight.

Wearing Pandora Jewelry will certainly make contribution to increase your personal charisma, but there comes a problem. If you wear your bracelet or necklace every day, you have probably discovered that the jewelry became dirty and lost luster gradually. In fact, jewelry also needs good protection, and then can they maintain their perfect condition. You should clean them regularly to protect them. Here I will introduce some methods to take care of your Pandora jewelry.

Etched details are the highlights of Pandora beads which attract others’ attention. But these etched areas will trap dirt, makeup, and skin creams which will make corrosion behavior to Pandora beads. In this case, I suggest you to clean your Pandora in a dish with warm soapy water. Dunk the bracelet or necklace for several minutes, and then scrub them with an old soft toothbrush or an old clean mascara wand lightly to remove the dirt. At last, remember to rinse in clean cold water and dry with a soft cloth.

If your Pandora jewelry is made by silver, there is another method to clean it. With a liquid silver cleaner, you will be able to remove much of the oxidized color. Or you can use an aluminum pan to dissolve a few tablespoons of bicarbonate soda in hot water, and then put your Pandora jewelry into it. Just a few minutes, Pandora beads will regain their luster.

I need recommend you not cleaning jewelry in the bathroom for the hard ceramic tiles will make damage to some Pandora jewelry, such as, the crystal glass Pandora, which is broken very easily. Moreover, do not wear Pandora jewelry when swimming or doing other sports, cleaning or gardening. I should inform you that your jewelry may break with high force, though they are relatively hard.


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