Pandora Jewelry Fantasy

Fashion jewelry, it is decorated with ornaments. Just as every person knows, Pandora will be a popular jewelry brand both at home along and aboard. Pandora jewelry is gemstones or semi-precious stones inlaid in valuable Pandora beads metal. Back to the human being prehistoric animals, the teeth, will take for decoration etc. Shells, Along Pandora bracelets sale with the development of human being culture, jewelry accessories for use by the more evolved with religion, technique and social class symbolic objects, also contain in prayer or wear or carry mourning the similar items. The nineteenth century with the popularization and industrialization of the middle Pandora pendant class, Pandora jewelry has turn out to be general design products.

There are various types of material for different Pandora jewelry, including Pandora silver or gold jewelry. Generally speaking, one gold and platinum and can be divided into 5k, 10k 12k, 9K, 14K yellow, 18K 20k, and Pandora charms store locator several levels, 22K and 24K 0.9999 with (the so-called K is calculated 1/24).Jewelry are generally classified into natural jewels and artificial stone, two kinds of natural jewels and divided into Pandora natural gem, natural jade and natural organic gem stones into three categories, artificial synthesis, artificial stones, stones and reengineering gem lappets.

Because of the texture soft and easy Pandora silver color, so usually add some other metals to reduce this kind of situation. Generally are usually use 925 to manufacture, so usually silver jewelry are Pandora jewellery charms standard Pandora 925 silver jewelry and gold, the distinction method is different. In recent years, there is new metal called rose gold, actually is added in the Pandora beads. Because of 18k gold inlaid copper inlaid copper color makes the Pandora rings products golden pink, so look and pink gold. In 2006, the market is a high purity of white gold Au950, including gold 9.5 g / 1000 grams.


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