Lapis Lazuli jewelry beads

You know something about glass beads? Glass beads glass separated by a very rare stone known as the beautiful blue. People usually join their design fashion jewelry.Lapis Lazuli beads

Lapis lazuli is a group of silicate from its name derived from the Persian word, which means blue.  It appears in the local contacts of igneous and carbonate, which means it can in the United States, Afghanistan, Chile, Italy and Burma found. Often looking glass, because it is a precious material, jewelry wholesale, but difficult to treat. No dark blue glass decorated with white spots as pyrite, particularly precious. According to ancient beliefs, the glazed glass has many medical uses. It slowed the process of baldness and improve the work of the thyroid.

Lapis Lazuli beads1 It was a symbol of heaven, and the connection St. Mary’s. This is because the high value of the blue, it is as precious as gold sculpture of St Mary’s and draw pictures to show the respect of his  people in his blue.

Glass beads of lapis lazuli necklace can be divided into glass, glass bangles, bracelets, earrings, glass rings, glass glass, frosted glass charm, glass pendants, glass and glass jewelry body. A glass necklace glass fashion jewelry market in many styles. The most popular is the necklace of lapis lazuli, glass pendants and glass beads. In their beautiful blue, suspended glass earrings attractive. Glass beads glass bracelets which is an illusion. In general, the bracelet is a very wide range of heavy. charm glass-glass wrapped in sterling silver can be connected to the bracelet and necklace.

In short, if you like blue jewels, glass beads are most appropriate for your choice.Lapis Lazuli beads2


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