Do you know the history of pearls jewelry?

Pearl Jewelry on stirring things is that they self-BC approximately 10 million, they appear in all cultures around the world. Despite the diversity of technology and taste, all our balls in contact and reunification.

This is the main problem Lois Sherr Dubin want to talk about his Friday night at the Dallas Museum of Art. The lady said, more convincing, but I managed to catch his words in my five pages of notes and drawings to use the most.

Shells, scattered pearls to the eye the appearance of thousands of flowers coveted high Ms, Durbin took place within a quick trip through us. Slide shows us the extraordinary amount of detail for such a small space squeeze, this primitive method, the artist at the beginning of beads! She said a number of stone beads used to make weapons produced using the same technology. Thus, a person can and gifts for his wife, while the new boom.

Then the woman began to talk like David Chatterton, Leah Fairbanks and Valerie Hector, I appreciate their work and are familiar with contemporary artists.

I have a condensed version of his book, but the new revised and expanded edition is now available, and took the head of my wish list.

My friend is responsible for organizing the Dallas area, we have seen through beads with Marilou! We also saw a collection of Indian beads thaw, I collected a number of different ideas and inspiration as I write next time.

The beads cool that we are a part of something that their grandparents, our roots are old. I’m glad we take time to understand and appreciate that we are part of the heritage of glass beads. My nerd side to see the story?


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