DIY your own jewelry ring key charm with 3D animals

I recently started creating 3D beaded jewelry as a hobby. In fact, to create three dimensional beaded animal key ring is for most people, who can provide key ring as a gift, or by shaking the bags and wallets of their entertainment. Beads to create a design in three dimensions the number of animals available on the Internet, you can find any design you there. And quantity, color, and will certainly work with you to rely on design pattern you choose to loose beads, pearls are the same basic method most of these drawings.
1) lace to the appropriate size of the design requirements.
2) times higher than in the two tie, and place in a smooth surface. With the separation cycle lace keychain.
3) take the two ends of the separation of a keychain attachment, and cycle through the lace, the steady growth of the subsequent half-blood knot. Then the link to the main ring lace.
4) all the beads you need on the part of the lace, the first line of your design.
5) make the rest of the lace ends and drive on the same line of beads since the beginning of the path of oncoming traffic, which means it. Limit two chains.
6) Do not online for each of your design. Analysis and design, each line has started to see the beads you will need ropes and the exact color you want.
7) Once you have completed the design, link 2 times the lace and some knot together.
I usually use crystal beads to create my own hand-made, animals in three dimensions, sometimes the project, as well as glass beads and pearls of little details. These animals handcrafted in three dimensions of each project is a fantastic animals, now fans: pigs, cats, cows, dogs, birds and even pet owners and so on.


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