About Cubic zircon beads

Do you know CZ beads jewelry? CZ stands for cubic zircon loose beads. It was said that the cubic zircon beads were created in the laboratory. The zirconium oxide and yttrium oxide were heat at high temperatures to create the cubic zircon beads. The cubic zircon could be replacement of real diamond because of shiny surface. Some materials were added to make different colors.

There are four factors of CA grade, which are clarity, color, carat and cut. Five- star CZ beads are the highest quality beads, which is similar to the genuine diamond. The cubic zircon beads could be made into earrings, necklace, rings, bracelets and pendant. Because cubic zircon beads are affordable and charming, cubic zircon beads are popular materials selected by fashion jewelry maker. It is easy to clean the cubic zircon beads. What you need it pure water and a piece of cloth.

The gemstone beads could loose their shine because of the lotions, hairspray and sweat everyday. If you want to keep you cubic zircon beads jewelry shiny and dazzling, clean them everyday and put them off when you are at home.


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